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and tell me it's raining! Just got the email saying they are *improving* Easy Deals---Wrong!!! So after building up over 23k points, they are going to confiscate them at the beginning of the year and offer no compensation. Trying to use the points in auctions was frustrating ( no way to set a max bid, so unless you wanted to spend your life waiting in front of a computer to bid at the last second, you were never going to win) so they solved that... Read more

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Just had a call from a customer stating that they got an easy deal pass for 50 percent off tickets on The Explorer, as riverboat tour in Rhode Island. However, the organization running the program was never contacted nor did they approve the deal. This is not fair to the consumer nor is it fair to the organization running the program and should be discontinued. Please no that 50 percent on Explorer Tickets is not an approved coupon by the... Read more

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So I have all these points and what can I do with them? Spend more $ on *** that I don't want or need just to use these pointless points. You can use 10 points to get $10 off a $100.00 product. And none of these products are even useful. I don't want to spend $.... I want to use my points towards cash back or a free gift card. This is just another way for them to sucker you into putting more money or your card. I am going to be canceling my... Read more

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I got downgraded to the Diamond Preferred card a few years ago--(without my consent) because I was a great customer. The rewards program is totally useless. Junky jewelry, kiddie electronics, and gift cards you can get a better price on at Sams/Costco. Then there are the auctions. Maybe they have time to sit and bid on these things, I sure don't. And there is no other way of using the points for anything. What a *** way to "reward" their best... Read more

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Program is a totally worthless piece of junk.No value whatsoever, ridiculous foo foo *** to sell, worst auction program in the business. Why do you need 100 words? Impossible to take advantage of any real needed products. This nonsense needs to be stopped, an apology sent to card holders and sit down with most cards hat do make sense and start over. You jerks are even worse for requiring 100 words. Do want a dissertation or just plain honest... Read more

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Have 9500 points good for 10% off a couple of sandwich or pizza places WITH an additional $$$ amount order, or 10% off a cheap pair of shoes with purchase of another pair and the like. Not worth fooling with. Going to cancel and get a REAL rewards card. This review has to be at least 100 words, but how many ways can you say worthless rewards which are not rewards at all? One of the places that we get a "reward" is out of business here. Also, we... Read more

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After a 1 1/2 years with this company, during the customer appreciation week I applied for an addition $500 dollars with I was turned down. A week later I received a letter from the company saying I Decided Not To Pursue The Loan with this company, WHICH IS A LYE. I never turned down the loan. I was told that I did not qualified. Like in August 2015 when I was turned down I received a letter from this company stating that they were sorry that my... Read more

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I finally tried to use my CITI EASY DEALS reward today thinking I've saved enough only to find out that this is the WORST rewards system ever created. The program is setup for you to buy merchandise, travel, car rental, etc. You pay the difference minus the rewards points. For example, something costs $100 - $10/PTS rewards, you pay $90.00. The problem is the items you think your getting a deal you can find it cheaper then what you would pay... Read more

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Citi Easy Deals is a huge scam. You get an interest rate based on a rewards card, but the rewards are fake. You cannot buy anything with your rewards points. On average, the best you can hope for, is to pay for 10% of an item using points. Right now, I have 5,000 points. The only way I can possibly spend those points, is if I spend $40,000 on their website. All this "Rewards" card does, is essentially give you access to Citi's 10% off store. By... Read more

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The Citi Easy Deals is a useless program. Not to mention when when I asked the rep from this program what is the value, she said she doesn't really know. Citi is known for bad customer service, but this just goes to show why I recommend people don't use them. Discover is useful and they want you to be a happy customer. I feel that Citi does not care and this is the 3rd time I've had an issue that they refuse to resolve. I am a public speaker... Read more

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